Hi there!

I am Deanna, the creator of this little pocket of happiness called Merry & Wonder. Creating has always brought me joy, but creating to bring others joy is the purpose behind Merry & Wonder. What started as an outlet for creativity has blossomed into a platform that celebrates life’s many festivities.  Countless occasions, themes, different textures, embellishments, and all of the world’s colors inspire me and the products you will find here. 

These collections have been thoughtfully curated to spark a feeling of happiness in each person that receives them.  Many of our items are handmade, which means no two will be exactly the same. Each handmade item is carefully crafted to ensure you receive a quality product!

Since becoming a mom, I have been able to see the world from an entirely different lens than before. Children are tiny little human beings that are full happiness, but also are full of curiosity. Hence the name Merry & Wonder. I wanted this little brand to be representative of those it is intended for, all of the little humans that are learning about the world one adventure at a time.

Thank you for taking the time to consider shopping with me for your littles! I hope that you find something that will spark joy and add a little sprinkle of happiness in their world.