Name Crayons
Name Crayons
Name Crayons

Name Crayons

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Surprise your little one with their name made of crayons!

Made from new Non-Toxic Crayola® crayons, not only are they cute, they are also usable for your child's next masterpiece.  Comes in 24 colors and are available with or without glitter.

These crayons measure approximately 1.5" tall and 1"- 2' wide depending on the letter. They come in a box ready for gifting.

The Classic colors shown are: Red, Orange,Yellow, Green, Blue, Purple

The Bright colors shown are: Carnation Pink, Yellow Orange, Green Yellow, Yellow Green, Cerulean, Blue Violet

*Please supervise your child while enjoying these crayons. Due to the nature of these items, should a piece break off, it may present a choking hazard.